Modernizing Configuration Management for DevOps Test Environments

Test Environment management requires different components like applications, middleware, databases, software, hardware and the test data which is managed by tools and resources beneficially. It’s all about managing and controlling the enterprise level test environment. Usually, the most complex and time-consuming process is release management. Even if the applications are delivered through templates, the delivery of infrastructure is frequently done manually. Under complex DevOps continuous integration environment, all it needs is shortened cycle time for testing enterprise applications and delivering in DevOps methodology. The delivery of environments through manual delivery is not sustainable. Updating configuration management for DevOps test environment can extremely enhance the cycle time and also it will reduce the duration to release without violating the terms and conditions.

While implementing a strong Test environment management framework on the cloud, modernizing configuration management for DevOps test environment reflects few key challenges.

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Classification Of Test Environment

According to WQR, the testing which happens while migrating IT system to the cloud is permanent and cloud-based. However, temporary test environment and virtualized test environments are not so cloud-based.


For customer friendly ecosystem, business strategies are been modified with DevOps based processes and it has boosted the assumption of cloud technology solutions. There are many obvious advantages for migrating legacy IT systems to cloud. Through this process, many worldwide organizations have introduced new products and also their features in a shorter period of time.

Through the vision of QA, it will be easier for testers to verify the test deliveries. For cloud-based IT system, it is crucial to have reduced setup time for test environments. Nowadays, the new software projects require both removal of test environments and automated test environment setup. However, in old software development projects, the process of configuration management for establishing as well as maintaining the stability of a platform is functional and physical attributes. But now, it is necessary to have an automated process in modern projects so that the provisioning of the environment is done quickly and previous environments remain stable with the new ones. This shows that configuration management states a primary challenge while executing a powerful test environment management framework on a cloud.

Advantages Of Automating Configuration Management

To execute the test environment processes, automation of configuration management activities is necessary which is compatible with the requirement of cloud-based environment provisioning projects.

The advantages are:

The control and pipeline management is improved through which the use of an asset is way much better while decreasing the TCO, support costs, and management.

The production of automated projects and deployment activities are increased which helps in tracking many activities like shakedowns and health checks to enhance the productivity.

All it means that modernizing the configuration IT environment management system for DevOps test environment offers flexible testing and development.

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